Welcoming a New Manager of Institutional Research to Riggs



By Aaron Beatty

Kim Hunter-Schaedle, PhDWe are constantly engaged in the act of learning at Riggs; patients and staff alike bring their strengths, weaknesses, insight and curiosity to the table every day as we collectively and individually work toward a greater understanding of the meaning behind behavior

The organization and articulation of our learning is borne out in our research and scholarship, both of which are closely held values at Riggs and within the Erikson Institute

The recent addition of Kim Hunter-Schaedle, PhD, as Manager of Institutional Research at Riggs has brought a palpable energy to the research department. To say Dr. Hunter-Schaedle is qualified for this position and its challenges would be a gross understatement. Her diverse and extensive background in research, administration, strategic plan development, discovery and clinical trial implementation as well as science writing makes her a tremendous addition to both the research department and the Riggs community as a whole. 

When I spoke with Dr. Hunter-Schaedle recently, her enthusiasm was apparent; research truly matters to her - the potential it has to improve lives, communicate information, facilitate our understanding and provide opportunities to work collaboratively with the larger research community. 

And yet, it is almost by accident or coincidence that she even learned of the position at Riggs that she now fills. Having spent many years working in New York City, Dr. Hunter-Schaedle relocated to the Berkshires in 2011, worked as a consultant for a time and then happened across the job posting for the Manager of Institutional Research on berkshirejobs.com. “I knew it was the job I wanted.” says Dr. Hunter-Schaedle, who goes on to say “It is an amazing opportunity to build up the research department here.” 

As for what she hopes to accomplish, Dr. Hunter-Schaedle aims to “engage others from the Riggs community around the concept of research as an important component of what Riggs can offer, because we have a lot to offer.” Concurrently, she is interested in communicating out about the work Riggs does while bringing in additional interests, working with the clinical staff to develop new research initiatives and gaining the trust of the patient community as it relates to research. 

Riggs is fortunate to welcome Dr. Hunter-Schaedle into our community. If you haven’t already, take a moment to say hello and get to know one of our newest community members. 

Read on below for a more in-depth description of Dr. Hunter-Schaedle’s educational and professional background.

About Kim Hunter-Schaedle, PhD

As manager of institutional research, Kim comes to the Austen Riggs Center with substantial experience from her career as a medical research foundation executive and as a research neuroscientist. After receiving a PhD in Developmental Neurobiology from King’s College London, Kim held research positions at St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London, The Rockefeller University in New York and the biotech company Ontogeny (now Curis) in Cambridge, MA.  Kim then transitioned to medical research foundation program administration, serving in positions including director of industry relations with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; chief scientific officer with the Children’s Tumor Foundation; and as a scientific program consultant to foundations including the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Kim has experience in the longitudinal process of analyzing and 'landscaping' areas of research to identify research roadblocks, strategic plan development and implementing and tracking success in new research programs spanning from discovery research to clinical trials.  Kim is passionate about science writing, both for professional and public audiences, and has authored a number of publications including peer-reviewed research papers, consensus statements, conference proceedings, book chapters and science news columns.

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