Activities Program

  • Riggs Theatre 37 to Stage The King Lear Project May 10-15 in Stockbridge, MA.

    Each spring, a group of Austen Riggs Center patients and members of the local community stage a Shakespearian production in the intimate Riggs Theatre 37, located at 37 Main Street in Stockbridge on the second floor. This year’s production, The King Lear Project, will be performed on May 10-15 at 7:30pm.

  • Austen Riggs Theatre 37 Presents The Patsy.

    “It’s wild.” says Riggs Theatre Director (and Shakespeare & Company Education Director) Kevin G. Coleman of the upcoming Riggs Theatre 37 production The Patsy, adapted from Georges Feydeau’s Le Dindon, translated by Greg Leaming. 

  • In Part 3 of our video series on nursing, Brian O'Gara talks about the many opportunities patients have to engage in activities outside of therapy

  • Mark Mulherrin, Instructor in Visual Arts

    The Activities Program was founded in 1954 by Joan Erikson, artist, dancer and wife of Erik Erikson. She understood well the value and importance of play and exploration, not only for children, but also for adults, particularly those working hard to take charge of their lives. 

  • Remembering Jayne Brookes, Former Theatre Director at Riggs

    Throughout its history, Riggs has been the beneficiary of many talented individuals, patients and staff, who have shared their gifts with the Riggs community. Today, we take a moment to remember one who left an indelible mark on the activities program and well beyond. 

  • Riggs Theatre 37 is staging a production of The Master and Margarita

    Beginning Wednesday, December 10 and continuing through Sunday, December 14, Riggs Theatre 37 is staging a production of The Master and Margarita, based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. These performances are the culmination of ten intensive weeks of planning, preparation, instruction and rehearsal, stewarded by long-time Riggs Theatre Director (and Shakespeare and Company Education Director) Kevin G. Coleman. 

  • Ilana Ackerman, MSW, Nursery School Director

    It may have been a rainy day on Friday, June 13, 2014, but inside the Community Center at Riggs, hearts were full, gratitude was spoken and fourteen preschoolers, along with a room full of parents, caregivers, Riggs staff and patients celebrated the inaugural year of the newest incarnation of the

  • M. Gerard Fromm, PhD, ABPP, Senior Consultant, Erikson Institute for Education and Research

    The Activities Program – offering deep engagement with one’s inner potential – is the inspiration for the annual Creativity Seminar at Riggs as well as Dr. M. Gerard Fromm’s new book, A Spirit That Impels: Play, Creativity, and Psychoanalysis. The book includes a group of papers collected over ten years from the Creativity Seminars at Riggs.

  • Austen Riggs Theater program

    I lost a couple, that 'twixt heaven and earth might thus have stood begetting wonder as you, gracious couple, do: and then I lost--all mine own folly--the society, amity too, of your brave father, whom, though bearing misery, I desire my life once more to look on him.

  • The theater at Austen Riggs

    Part of the rich history of the Austen Riggs Center is the impact and work of Erik Erikson. We also have his spouse, Joan Erikson, to thank for making a lasting and meaningful impact on our treatment model and on the patients who benefit from being at the Center.



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