“Recovery from Childhood Psychiatric Treatment” Article by Riggs’ Dr. David Mintz Receives Award



Every two years at the national meeting of the American Academy of Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, an award is given to the author(s) of the best article published in Psychodynamic Psychiatry during the preceding two years. This spring, Dr. David Mintz was honored with this award for his article “Recovery from Childhood Psychiatric Treatment: Addressing the Meaning of Medications,” published in Psychodynamic Psychiatry, 47(3), 235-256.  

For the month of November in 2020, the paper is available to view for free by clicking here.  

Below, Dr. Mintz speaks about his award-winning article and what the honor means to him.  

What it Means to Receive the “Journal Prize” 

Hope for a More Biopsychosocial Perspective  

Positive and Negative Meaning Effects of Psychiatric Medication 

Psychiatric Medication and the Role of Culture 

Family Dynamics that Help and Harm Psychiatric Medication Interventions 

Advice for Parents Navigating Psychiatric Treatment for Their Child 

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