"The Best Available Training to Become the Best Clinician and Psychotherapist"



Fellow Profile

Amy Taylor, Ph.D. began her fellowship in 2012 and is one of the newest members of the Austen Riggs Fellowship Program.

Amy decided to pursue psychology as a profession after graduating from St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD with a liberal arts degree.  Much of Amy’s work at St. John’s centered on philosophy.  This concentration led her to examine authors who “focused more on how people put together their own worlds and truths inside their own minds.”  

“I was drawn to the creative and thoughtful approach to treatment,” admits Amy as she tells about why she decided to pursue the Fellowship Program at Riggs. She describes Riggs as a place rooted in tradition with a staff that keeps this tradition of psychotherapy alive by embodying very important ideas. “It’s the best available training to become the best clinician and psychotherapist.”

Amy is especially interested in the topic of “gender, sexuality and the significance of the body in how a person acquires a sense of who they are and how they convey this to others.” She focused much of the research for her dissertation on this subject and will be presenting a paper on it, as well as, her dissertation case study and recent psychoanalytic and critical thought about transsexuality and embodiment at the Div. 39 Conference this April. 

Since joining Riggs in the summer of 2012, Amy says she’s starting to feel more and more at home here. She is passionate about her job and claims “what I love about psychoanalytic theory is that, at its best, it can recognize aspects of humanity that are invisible otherwise.  I want to continue developing my ability as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and thinker in part to make more of what has been excluded from humanity visible and speakable.” Although the Fellowship and the work involved can be challenging, says Amy, it’s “hard in the service of getting good at your job.”

The Austen Riggs Center has one fellowship position available for a psychiatrist. Find our more details on the career page.

Hear Amy describe her first month at Austen Riggs.