Giving to the Austen Riggs Center



The Austen Riggs Center provides intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy in a voluntary, open, and non-coercive community.

The Austen Riggs Center has had a place in my heart since I was in my early 20s, when a childhood friend, who had been in therapy and was in and out of several institutions with little improvement, sought treatment here. His recovery was and still is remarkable. 

Then, just this past May, I visited a long-time friend in New York City and told her where I worked; she said that the Austen Riggs Center saved the life of her close friend’s daughter, who is now absolutely flourishing. Hearing that really made me feel happy to be part of Riggs.

I have also seen great changes in the faces of some of the patients I have come to know in my time here. I feel so fortunate to work in a community that works tirelessly to transform lives. 

Last fall, I was moved to make a donation to Austen Riggs in support of suicide research. While no one close to me has died by suicide, I know how important suicide research and prevention efforts are. If we can, as an institution, help prevent even one suicide through our direct care, research, and outreach, the effort is well worth it.  

I will continue to target my donation this year to suicide research, but what is most important is to donate, especially as Riggs approaches the incredible milestone of its centennial year! 

Please consider a donation to Riggs this year. You can make a donation online at www.austenriggs.org/donate or by contacting the Development Office at giving@austenriggs.net or 413.931.5333. 

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