Three Problems with Current Clinical Models – Eric M. Plakun, at the Austen Riggs Center Centennial Conference



This video series is taken from our Centennial Conference and features excerpts from many of the presentations – check back often or bookmark the Riggs Blog to see new videos.

“There is an excessive focus on the biomedical at the expense of the biopsychosocial. . . . there are false assumptions that genes equal disease, that patients have single disorders that respond to single evidence-based treatments, that pills are the best treatment that we have.” states Dr. Plakun.

View more of Dr. Plakun’s remarks from his presentations, including the topics outlined below.

· The Bias Against Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

· Recovery is the Goal of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

· Managed Care and Mental Health Treatment

· Mental Health Parity: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches

Eric M. Plakun, MD, DLFAPA, is the medical director/CEO at the Austen Riggs Center and American Psychiatric Association (APA) Board of Trustees member representing New England and Eastern Canada.

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