Psychiatry and Refugee and Immigrant Populations; Trends in Mental Health Care: An Interview with Dr. Schuyler Henderson



During a visit to the Austen Riggs Center earlier this year, Schuyler Henderson, MD, MPH, spoke with us about a number of topics including psychiatry and refugee and immigrant populations; trends in mental health care; and some of his current projects. 

Dr. Schuyler Henderson Shares the Origins of His Interests in Psychiatry and Refugee and Immigrant Populations

Dr. Schuyler Henderson Talks About How Children are Disenfranchised and Victimized

Dr. Schuyler Henderson Shares His View on Trends in Mental Health Care

Dr. Schuyler Henderson Talks About His Current Projects

Dr. Schuyler Henderson Shares His Impressions of Austen Riggs


About Schuyler Henderson, MD, MPH

Dr. Schuyler W. Henderson is associate director of child and adolescent psychiatry at

Bellevue Hospital, and associate professor of clinical psychiatry at New York University. Clinically, he is the medical director of Bellevue Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Program for high risk youth. He teaches undergraduates, medical students, residents, and fellows at New York University, and is an adjunct professor at the Mount Sinai School of Public Health in New York where he directs the Health and Human Rights course. His work initially focused on refugee and immigrant mental health, based in part on his work with refugee and immigrant communities in Chicago as well as subsequent work for Doctors of the World and Physicians for Human Rights in New York, and now includes a broader examination of children’s rights.

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