French Farce Comes to Riggs Theatre 37 with The Patsy



Austen Riggs Theatre 37 Presents The Patsy.“It’s wild.” says Riggs Theatre Director (and Shakespeare & Company Education Director) Kevin G. Coleman of the upcoming Riggs Theatre 37 production The Patsy, adapted from Georges Feydeau’s Le Dindon, translated by Greg Leaming. 

How the script for The Patsy was arrived at came through a series of serendipitous events. First, Coleman received a great deal of interest from the Riggs patient community to participate in this winter’s production and so, as he said, “I had to find a play that had parts for 20 people.” Next, Coleman was invited to teach at a graduate acting program at Florida State University at Sarasota earlier this year, and when he asked the head of the acting program, Greg Leaming, if he had any suggestions for such a play, Leaming offered Coleman his working draft translation of The Patsy, a less well known work by Georges Feydeau. Coleman brought the draft back with him and, when reading through scripts with the Riggs participants, they all pointed to The Patsy as the play they were most interested in performing. 

The play itself is a French farce, about which Coleman says “it’s comedy and it’s always extreme … the tension of it keeps ratcheting up; the misunderstandings keep multiplying geometrically and the emotional experience of the characters goes all the way to the margins .. always.”

A ten-week process from start to finish, all of the participants (which include Riggs patients, community actors and staff) this time around had a particularly collaborative experience. Because the translated script was in draft form, “we made some significant re-writes … and did a lot of doctoring of the script” remarked Coleman. He went on to say, “It was a unique experience in working on an unfinished script to bring it further along and to do the premiere production.” Audiences who attend will have the distinct privilege of being the first anywhere to see a translated production of The Patsy

There will be 7:30pm nightly performances of The Patsy, Tuesday, December 15 through Sunday, December 20 at 37 Main Street, Stockbridge, MA. Tickets are $10 for students and seniors, $20 for the general public. To reserve your tickets, call [413] 298.5519 x5606. 

*Note: this performance is not suitable for young children.

Riggs Theatre 37 presents The Patsy
7:30pm December 15-20, 2015
37 Main Street, Stockbridge, MA
Reservations: [413] 298.5519 x 5606
Tickets: $10 students/seniors; $20 general public

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