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Community Health Needs Assessment

In 2019 the Austen Riggs Center conducted a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in order to identify and evaluate the key mental health needs of the community we serve. The assessment was completed in response to emerging federal regulatory requirements and served to deepen our understanding of the needs present in our community. As part of the assessment, input from community representatives, as well as secondary data, was sought in order to develop a prioritized set of needs that the Center may be able to address. In 2019, Austen Riggs developed a comprehensive three-year implementation strategy to address these needs. The Austen Riggs Center also welcomes requests by organizations interested in partnering with us to address the needs described. For more information, please contact Chauncey Collins, chief operating officer/chief financial officer, at chauncey.collins@austenriggs.net or 413-931-5221.

Copies of the assessment and the strategy are available at the links below.