A Patient's Perspective

Published on 
November 2014

A Patient's PerspectiveThe purpose of A Patient's Perspective is to portray a patient’s experience of treatment at the Austen Riggs Center. The work done at Riggs is best illustrated and explained with examples. However, examples must be provided in ways that protect patient confidentiality. Our solution to communicate an authentic patient experience was to create a composite of vignettes, stitched together in one voice.

This amalgam of patient stories reflects real and individual experiences culled from interviews with many of our clinicians who work with patients struggling to make or find meaning in their lives. This composite might seem too tidy for some and it is not meant to suggest that life is easy for individuals who complete treatment at Riggs. Nor is this composite meant to be a substitute for aggregate data across the experience of many patients, which can be found on the outcomes section of our website. We hope you read this story to learn about the complexity of treatment at Riggs, the power and value of discovering one’s own voice and take the story as illustrative of a typical Riggs experience.